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The State of the Panel 2023

Hello, Fellow Human!

In this brave new world of AI-generated images and Chat GPI, I think it’s important to remind people I, too, am a people. So with that being said, where are we?


WordPress has changed behind the scenes from version 4 the site is currently built upon versions 5 and even 6. The site needs to update with the times, so we’re going to see a lot of under-construction stuff over the next month or so as we switch everything to the new block format WordPress is using for their page designs. I have an extensive plugin system for my comic archives called Comicpress which also needs to update to the new system. Frumph, the original designer, is working with my web guru Ciaran to rectify the issues.


Holy shit, we’re finished with page 5 of Captain T as of this writing. It will be published on Keenspot first before eventually making it over to the site here. They’re printing the comic. I’ve been streaming the art creation on my twitch channel at Twitch.com/artglych. I try to stream several times a week. As of this writing, I have 72 followers but am not an Affiliate yet. I guess I need to chat more. Most other comic projects are on hold right now until I can get the site worked out. I do plan on bringing Red Dahlia to the site in its own section as well as separating the archives into a better format than they are currently (if I have to change everything, I might as well change everything).

Other Projects

I have some commissions to finish as well as a kid’s book written by Shawn Ray called Rosie the Salamander. I might make some more coloring books this year if I have time. It might be a passive income for me as an artist. I’ve also been updating my Patreon more and more. Chuck Whelon also invited me on as a co-host for his weekly Planet Urf Podcast which re-streams to my twitch channel if you ever want to check it out.

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