Updates Since January

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The Usual

Howdy! It’s been half a year since I’ve posted. I have been mostly Mom since January. Annebelle will be 2 in November, so she’s right at that fighty, bitey, tantrum stage. I hold her, and wait them out. She’s been fighting her naps in the afternoon. This has preventing me from getting a lot of artwork done, though I did continue doing prompts for a while. I stopped because I broke my wrist and couldn’t draw for something like two months. Below are some select prompts. I broke my wrist as a paid Ice Sculptor, by the way. Read that over all the times you need.

So why the update?

Well… I’m plunging into Captain T in August 2022. I have the comic sold, I have a publisher, I have to do it. SO! We’re going to make a development blog while I make it. I’ll have some updates here but a lot of them over on my Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/artglych). Aside from sketches, scripts, and designs, I have nothing done for it, so we’re starting at the beginning.

In the background, my friend Ciaran and I have been working on Panel2Panel.com’s WordPress theme. WordPress updated to this “block” system that takes some getting used to. We’re building a whole new site for the new format so we don’t have as many glitchy issues. I would prefer Glychy issues! 


Below are select prompts for February and March of 2022. I started doing them in color for a bit because I got some new texture packs from TrueGritTextureSupply.com. When I broke my wrist I had to stop doing them for a while.

Patreon Abound!

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Inktober Examples


Above are some of the Inktober’s I created last month for my Patrons on Patreon. You can find more work there, including comics, sketches, poems, and even a painting or two. If you subscribe for $5/month, you get stickers and all of the drawing prompts, and if you subscribe at $10/month, you get mini prints, hi-res scans, and more!


Become a Patron!

Philos have been uploaded

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All this week we have Philo episodes updating on the Art portion of the site. Check them out!

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Rebuilding the website

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I’m restructuring the website, getting it functional for uploading comics again. I’ll be updating the Pop Portraits onto a new subsite and that is taking time. Thank you for your patience.

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