Upgrade update

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There are ongoing legacy issues on this portion of the site, that will take some more time to fix. I am continuing to work on it, but will focus on getting CaptainT and the other comic areas up and running first. ~ Ciaran.

Update on the site update

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Still working on the site update. Much progress behind the scenes – mostly to do with multisite stuff. I’ll work to get some of the changes live this week. ~ Ciaran


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Hi, This is Ciaran. I’m helping Amber get the site modernized. The work is starting today, Friday, February 3 2023, and should be done during the day on Sunday, February 5. UPDATE: Looks like I need a couple more days to get the new WordPress blocks set up. Should be done on Wednesday.

For those interested, this is going to be an update to the latest Big N of WordPress, which starts with throwing away literally all the concepts around which this site was original built. And that includes so much custom code … oh my gosh so much tweaking of PHP to get things in place, and then keep them working as things around us changed.

For anyone curious about ComicEasel on WordPress 6 please let me set your mind at ease. In the words of The Mighty, it is super easy. Barely an inconvenience. I’ll keep notes on how we set up, configure, and integrate with ComicEasel, and will share those with Amber’s permission when the site is up and purring.

On a personal note, just creating this post using the old WordPress format makes me wonder how we ever survived. This is horrifically painful.

Here’s the log for anyone playing along at home:

  1. Can has full backup?
    1. I use the mighty and powerful FETCH for FTP. It’s been my constant companion and bestest buddy since 1989. I remember meeting the team at MacWorld ’93 after the show was over and trading them a whole box of tradeshow fu-fus for a personal Fetch of my own. You can’t buy loyalty like that – it has to be bartered for in the dark of the night after substantial drinking.
    2. Backups successful.
    3. Exports successful.
    4. WordPress 5.8.6 -> WordPress 6.1.1 … working.

HA HA HA oh my god that was painful. Like, HOURS of painful. I got to learn so much about core_updater.lock and all its marvelous friends and relatives. Woof. Ok, that is going to be a story to tell in the white paper that comes out of this update process.

THEORY: I believe that we had so much custom code in the guts of WordPress that the update just gave up. That the start of this post above can’t be converted and had to be wrappered to preserve it might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Now on to the next steps:

Post WordPress 6.1.1 Upgrade steps:

  1. Move to WordPress 6.1.1 savvy theme.

HA HA HA this is going to take some extra typing.

Please note: None of this has anything to do with ComicEasel. This is all just the normal noise of going from hand-cut WordPress 4 & 5 hacks to a WordPress 6 site with blocks.

I will be back on Monday to do more work on getting this all fixed and working.

The State of the Panel 2023

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Hello, Fellow Human!

In this brave new world of AI-generated images and Chat GPI, I think it’s important to remind people I, too, am a people. So with that being said, where are we?


WordPress has changed behind the scenes from version 4 the site is currently built upon versions 5 and even 6. The site needs to update with the times, so we’re going to see a lot of under-construction stuff over the next month or so as we switch everything to the new block format WordPress is using for their page designs. I have an extensive plugin system for my comic archives called Comicpress which also needs to update to the new system. Frumph, the original designer, is working with my web guru Ciaran to rectify the issues.


Holy shit, we’re finished with page 5 of Captain T as of this writing. It will be published on Keenspot first before eventually making it over to the site here. They’re printing the comic. I’ve been streaming the art creation on my twitch channel at Twitch.com/artglych. I try to stream several times a week. As of this writing, I have 72 followers but am not an Affiliate yet. I guess I need to chat more. Most other comic projects are on hold right now until I can get the site worked out. I do plan on bringing Red Dahlia to the site in its own section as well as separating the archives into a better format than they are currently (if I have to change everything, I might as well change everything).

Other Projects

I have some commissions to finish as well as a kid’s book written by Shawn Ray called Rosie the Salamander. I might make some more coloring books this year if I have time. It might be a passive income for me as an artist. I’ve also been updating my Patreon more and more. Chuck Whelon also invited me on as a co-host for his weekly Planet Urf Podcast which re-streams to my twitch channel if you ever want to check it out.

Updates Since January

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The Usual

Howdy! It’s been half a year since I’ve posted. I have been mostly Mom since January. Annebelle will be 2 in November, so she’s right at that fighty, bitey, tantrum stage. I hold her, and wait them out. She’s been fighting her naps in the afternoon. This has preventing me from getting a lot of artwork done, though I did continue doing prompts for a while. I stopped because I broke my wrist and couldn’t draw for something like two months. Below are some select prompts. I broke my wrist as a paid Ice Sculptor, by the way. Read that over all the times you need.

So why the update?

Well… I’m plunging into Captain T in August 2022. I have the comic sold, I have a publisher, I have to do it. SO! We’re going to make a development blog while I make it. I’ll have some updates here but a lot of them over on my Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/artglych). Aside from sketches, scripts, and designs, I have nothing done for it, so we’re starting at the beginning.

In the background, my friend Ciaran and I have been working on Panel2Panel.com’s WordPress theme. WordPress updated to this “block” system that takes some getting used to. We’re building a whole new site for the new format so we don’t have as many glitchy issues. I would prefer Glychy issues! 


Below are select prompts for February and March of 2022. I started doing them in color for a bit because I got some new texture packs from TrueGritTextureSupply.com. When I broke my wrist I had to stop doing them for a while.

Patreon Abound!

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Inktober Examples


Above are some of the Inktober’s I created last month for my Patrons on Patreon. You can find more work there, including comics, sketches, poems, and even a painting or two. If you subscribe for $5/month, you get stickers and all of the drawing prompts, and if you subscribe at $10/month, you get mini prints, hi-res scans, and more!


Become a Patron!

Philos have been uploaded

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All this week we have Philo episodes updating on the Art portion of the site. Check them out!

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Rebuilding the website

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I’m restructuring the website, getting it functional for uploading comics again. I’ll be updating the Pop Portraits onto a new subsite and that is taking time. Thank you for your patience.

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