Coloring Book and Red Dahlia

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I’ve added the pages of the coloring book to the archive as well as going through the pages of Red Dahlia, both 2004 and 2010 versions.

Philo’s been going strong. Below are some random panels from the story, but you can check out episodes and pages in the archive or live on Twitch or YouTube. Still art-ing. More to come.

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State of the Panel

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update to the main site. This month, I released an adult coloring book called Art Nouveau Nudes: Adult Coloring Book available from (linked below).

I’ve also been busy with doing daily prompts for my Patreon page. Below are a few examples from this month. I’ll be adding a link to the Patreon page here on the main site shortly. For right now though, you can use this one here.



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