Coloring Book and Red Dahlia

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I’ve added the pages of the coloring book to the archive as well as going through the pages of Red Dahlia, both 2004 and 2010 versions.

Philo’s been going strong. Below are some random panels from the story, but you can check out episodes and pages in the archive or live on Twitch or YouTube. Still art-ing. More to come.

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So many updates

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We’ve got a Patreon!

So, I’m making the plunge after many years of working day jobs in  retail, offices, and shops- I’m going to make art again. Part of this in the modern day is relying on the kindness of Patrons over at Patreon. I’m going to be updating that site 6 times a week to encourage people to support my work.

You can find my patreon here!



I’m making a coloring book called Color Nouveau. It’s going to be only 12 pages to start and I’m about 8 pages in as of this writing. I’ll be including WIP stuff over on my patreon page. Below is a preview. More news to come as soon as I have it.


I found a pile of Philos I’ve digitized, but not yet uploaded to Youtube. My plan is upload at least one episode a week. I still have some copyright claims on my Philo videos, which is weird because I used royalty free music. It’s something I still have to look into.

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