Philo, Sketches, and MORE!

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I updated all of my online branding as I have expanded out to other social networks. Below is a quick card of where to find me. I hope I didn’t make it too difficult. If you’re part of one network and not another I do tend to post similar things on all of them, but try to spice up each one a little bit.

Philo lives!

Hi all! Philo has been picking up speed over on Twitch, though the archives are available on YouTube. Here’s a link to the playlist of all of the episodes. Episode 1 is missing because it was my first time streaming it out to everywhere and it never connected correctly with Youtube, so it is now a “lost” episode. Episode 18 had to be redone due to technical issues the first time we tried to record it. If you want to watch live, I’ll be streaming tonight (Saturday 6/1/2024) at 9pm EST/6pm EST on Enjoy!


I want to make my Patreon something special and different from this website. I’ve been scanning in sketchbooks and posting there every day. We’ll stop posting daily when we run out of sketchbooks. I have a few boxes of them so it’ll be a while. Join my Patreon and get daily sketches! Here’s an example with a link to my Patreon. it’s a sketch of my mom I did back in 2010 after I had graduated from college.

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Coloring Book and Red Dahlia

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I’ve added the pages of the coloring book to the archive as well as going through the pages of Red Dahlia, both 2004 and 2010 versions.

Philo’s been going strong. Below are some random panels from the story, but you can check out episodes and pages in the archive or live on Twitch or YouTube. Still art-ing. More to come.

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Philo LIVES!

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I’ve restarted Philo on Saturday nights, 9pm EST/6pm PST. You can find it both on

Twitch or YouTube.

I added a few more commissions to the Archive under illustration, but you can see them below here.

The archive has been updating every day with something new/old. Mostly old, but new to the internet. Or things I made for my Patreon members that I’m making free now (Support me on Patreon if you want). Either way, if you check it out, you’ll see. More to come. It’s going to be a busy year.

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State of the Panel 2024

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Hello! I meant to get this update out on Monday, but I was sick as a dog with a fever and bed rest. Here I am now. Last year I finished the first issue of Captain T. I’ll be getting back to drawing that next week, streaming it out to various platforms as I do, just like I did with the first issue.

I also plan on bringing back Philo. I still have a pile of old episodes I’ll get up on Youtube in time, but that will come. New episodes will also be coming. I bought a Restream account for it and everything. Below is not a picture from Philo, just a cute octopus I drew recently.

I have to finish Shawn Ray’s book this year, Rosie the Salamander. I promised him I’d draw it for him 2 years ago. Sketches from that below.

I’m no longer doing the Urfspace Podcast because one of the other hosts wanted to turn it into the Joe Rogan Experience and I believe in science. I’m still cool with Chuck, but the other host lost credibility with me.

Headed back to the gym. Trying to cut out more time for art this year. Have to finish Captain T and Rosie. Let’s do this! Happy New Year.

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MORE Captain T and Prompts

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I LIVE! I’ve been posting timelapses and Philos over at my Patreon, which will come here eventually, but they get it first because they’re, you know, paying me. Twitch has been very active in the last few months. I’ve been doing the Urfspace Podcast every week with Chuck Whelon and Chris Porro, now Thursday nights 6:30pm PST. Check it out on my twitch or their website. Captain T is plugging along! I haven’t missed an update (yet). The comic is available for free over at Keenspot. Links below. It’s also October once more, which means Inktober. I’m going to be posting those to my socials long before they end of here. We have lots of prompts posting already.

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So many updates

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We’ve got a Patreon!

So, I’m making the plunge after many years of working day jobs in  retail, offices, and shops- I’m going to make art again. Part of this in the modern day is relying on the kindness of Patrons over at Patreon. I’m going to be updating that site 6 times a week to encourage people to support my work.

You can find my patreon here!



I’m making a coloring book called Color Nouveau. It’s going to be only 12 pages to start and I’m about 8 pages in as of this writing. I’ll be including WIP stuff over on my patreon page. Below is a preview. More news to come as soon as I have it.


I found a pile of Philos I’ve digitized, but not yet uploaded to Youtube. My plan is upload at least one episode a week. I still have some copyright claims on my Philo videos, which is weird because I used royalty free music. It’s something I still have to look into.

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New comics are a’comin’

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I’ve been scanning in a pile of old comics from my days at MCAD, including one of my favorites about evolution. A lot of the work look rough to my eyes and I can see where I rushed it. But it’s got some merit and I want to share. I just posted a bunch of Philo‘s for this week and will have Milk and Cigarettes airing next week.

Philo was a call-in comic book show Hamil Griffen Cassidy used to run back in Minneapolis that I had the privilege of being a host of for about 2 years.

Milk and Cigarettes is a story I did for one of my classes while attending MCAD.

Enjoy! Link below.


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Philos have been uploaded

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All this week we have Philo episodes updating on the Art portion of the site. Check them out!

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